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  SAB Profi Plant Substrate Potting Substrate - Made in Germany  



For all potted plants, bedding and balcony plants. The structure and nutrients of the substrate are ideally rated to the needs of the plants. Its moist condition means it can be processed in potting machines without any problems. After the plants have taken root, they must be fertilised depending on the plant type and size.

Mixture of approx. 70 vol. % slightly to moderately decomposed peat from raised bogs (white peat) and 30 vol. % highly decomposed peat from raised bogs (frozen black peat).

70 vol. %
slightly to moderately decomposed peat
30 vol. %
highly decomposed peat

Medium to coarse structure.

Chemical Properties:

ph value (CaCl2): approx. 5,5
ph value (H2O): approx. 5,8
Salt level* (KCI): approx. 1,3 g/l
Fertilizer: approx. 1,3 g/l

Soluble Nutrients Available To The Plants (as per VDLUFA Germany):
Nitrogen (N): 180 mg/l
Phosphate (P2O5): 200 mg/l
Potassium Oxide (K2O): 230 mg/l
With all necessary trace elements: boron, iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

All SAB substrates are also available in big bags.

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