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  SAB Profi Substrates - Made in Germany  

Blossoming landscapes. World-wide.

Substrates, potting soils and peat . The right product for every plant.

SAB makes plants grow all over the world using products made from the best raw materials, guaranteeing optimum results in all areas of application. We supply both specialist dealers and professional horticulturists as well as hobby gardeners. Controlled production and strict quality checks guarantee the consistently high standard of our products for every type of culture.


Always up-to-date: The basis for your success.


SAB Plantaflor substrates are always tested in cooperation with research and testing institutions: product improvements and novel developments are the result, putting you ahead of the rest on the market:

Our professional substrates are produced in the most modern European factories using fully-developed technology. They are available in standard commercial bags as well as in big bags.


The SAB Profi Substrates :

  SAB Profi Universal Substrate
  SAB Profi Tray Substrate
  SAB Profi Young Plant Substrate
  SAB Profi Clay Potting Substrate
  SAB Profi Container Substrate
  SAB Profi Plant Substrate
  SAB Profi Blocking Substrate

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