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  SAB Potting Soil  

The Right Product For Every Application.

Plantaflor SAB will make your plants grow by using products made up from the best raw materials. Thus guaranteeing optimum results for all application. We meet the needs of specialized suppliers and professional horticulturists as well as hobby gardeners. Controlled production and strict quality checks guarantee consistently high standard of our products for every type of culture.

This potting soil is a universal substrate for all indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, except acid loving plants. It provides ideal conditions for healthy, strong plants and plentiful blossoms and is usable for all plants with low and medium nutrient requirements.

Composition and Structure
Mixture of slightly to moderately decomposed latvian high bog peat (white peat) and highly decomposed high bog peat of fine structure (frozen black peat).

Available Packaging:
10 litres / 20 litres / 40 litres / 50 litres / 80 litres

Chemical Properties:

ph value (CaCl2): approx. 5,0 - 6,0
ph value (H2O): approx. 5,3 - 6,3
Salt level* (KCI): approx. 1,6g/l
Fertilizer: approx. 1,6g/l
Organic matter: 85 - 90 weight % (dry)

(*calculated from the conductivity of the humic acid)

Soluble Nutrients Available To The Plants (as per VDLUFA Germany):
Nitrogen (N): 160 - 280 mg/l
Phosphate (P2O2): 190 - 320 mg/l
Potassium Oxide (K2O): 200 - 340 mg/l

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