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  SAB Substrate 0 (Base Substrate) - Made in E.U.  

As Basis for self mixing of substrates for sowing, rooting cuttings, bedding plants, flowering and green plants. Fertilizer must be added by the grower.

SAB Substrate 0 / Gartengold Substrate 0 (Base Substrate) is pH adjusted white sphagnum peat containing trace elements and wetting agent as an excellent basis for producing horticultural substrates. Virtually free of all pests, wood and seeds.



Composition And Structure
Slightly to moderately decomposed Latvian high bog peat in standard structure (0-40mm), fine structure (0-7mm), medium ( 7 - 20 mm), coarse (20-40 mm) and 0-60 mm (extra coarse).

Chemical And Physical Properties
Degree of decomposition:
pH value (CaCl2):
approx. 5,2 - 6,0
pH value (H20):
approx. 5,7 - 6,5
Organic matter:
85 - 90 weight % (dry)
Water holding capacity:
45-55 vol. %
Salt level (KCI):
approx. 0,3 g/l
approx. 0,3 g/l
Electrical conductivity:
approx. 170 - 220 µS/cm (lab values)

Soluble Nutrients Available To The Plants (as per VDLUFA Germany):
Nitrogen (N):

approx. 30 - 80 mg/l

Phosphate (P2O5):

approx. 20 - 40 mg/l

Potassium Oxide (K2O):

approx. 40 - 90 mg/l

With all necessary trace elements, as are boron, iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

Advantages Of The Peat-based SAB Substrate 0 (Base Substrate)

The SAB Substrate 0 is a product that is used as a base for producing a horticultural substrates. Fertilizer has to be added by the grower before potting.

No liming necessary, pH already adjusted.

Additionally, a micro-nutrient fertilizer is added, as well as a re-moistening device which enables the product to be wettened easier during the cultivation.

Characteristics of the SAB Substrate 0

  • High water capacity
  • High air capacity
  • Good structure stability
  • Freedom of harmful substances
  • Optimum pH-value
  • Uniform quality

The SAB Substrate 0 can be used for:

  • As basis for self mixing of substrates for sowing and rooting cuttings (fine)
  • As basis for self mixing of substrates for bedding and patio plants in pots (standard)
  • As basis for cuttings (shrubs and trees), flowering and green plants in 1-2 l containers (medium)
  • As basis for green plants, bromelia and container stock in containers of more than 2 litres

Special mixtures on request.

Available Packaging:
from 10-6000 L

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