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Absorbs oil and many similar substances in water and on solid surfaces: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, engine oil, crude oil, mineral oil, lubricants, vegetable oil, oil paints, formaldehydes, sulphuric acid, octane, synthetic oils, organic solvents, hydrocarbons (PCBs) and other.

Especially processed natural fibre, hydrophobic peat

SAB-Absorb has a high absorbency of up to 800% of the volume and is effective already after 1 to 2 seconds. SAB-Absorb is eco-friendly, nonhazardous and non-toxic. Please avoid eye contact and do not inhale.

Disperse SAB-Absorb upon the liquid which has to be absorbed until all dark marks have disappeared. After a few seconds sweep with a broom or a cloth. The damage should now be corrected to 95%. With another light spreading you can eliminate the remaining marks.

Combustion, ash contents about 2%

Water absorption:
SAB-Absorb absorbs virtually no water during 24 hours and can be easily removed from the water surface.

Storage / shelf life:
Under dry conditions the shelf life is unlimited. It does not freeze.

Protect from moisture, use it only for the spreading in case of damage

  • Type 1: Oil absorber particularly suitable for maritime use.
  • Type 2: Oil absorber for general use ashore and on smaller stratches of water.
  • Type 3: Oil absorber for special needs, i.e. trade and industry.



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