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  SAB-Pine Bark Mulch  
natural product from Portugal
The best solution for landscape gardening:
  • SAB Pine Bark Mulch has a homogeneous structure and therefore gives a brilliant impression on your garden. It is without any separated impurities and is purer than regular mulch. SAB Pine Bark Mulch is considered to be one of the most precious kinds of mulch.
  • Contains up to 100% out of Portuguese pine mulch
  • No wood impurities
  • SAB Pine Bark Mulch is heat treated and free of animal pests and nematodes
  • Can be used on any kind of planting or valuable species, even sensitive plants
  • Combines all advantages of mulch such as
    • Protection against weeds
    • Protection against water evaporation
    • Protection against fluctuations in temperature
    • Protection against erosion
  • Available in the following sieve fractions
    • 08-15 mm
    • 15-25 mm
    • 25-45 mm
  • Application:
    70 L bag can cover 1m2 (depends on sieve fraction) One-off application can remain 3-5 years The thicker the layer applied, the better the protection against weeds, water evaporation and fluctuations in temperature. We recommend a layer of 5-8 cm (depending on sieve fraction)



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