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  50 years of entrepreneurship  

Mr. Arthur Meyer, owner and founder and managing director of SAB,
started 50 years ago his work as an independent businessman.

Anke and Arthur Meyer in 1960

Anke and Arthur Meyer in 1960


On 1.9.1956 Mr. Arthur Meyer founded his first company "Ringfisch" in Oldenburg, Dobbenstrasse 17, with a capital of 500 Deutsche Mark and the help of his wife, Mrs. Anke Meyer.

12 years later in 1968 he started his own production of food articles like "Rollmops", and Fish salads under the new brand "Weser Feinkost" in the city of Syke. Within a few years he made the company growing with hard work and extraordinary product quality to a market leader in Germany, with more than 150 employees.

In 1974 he expanded his activities into European markets like France, England and Italy. For this reason Mr. Arthur Meyer has founded the company "SAB Syker Agrarberatungs und Handels GmbH & Co." in 1974.

In 1989 he sold his company "Weser Feinkost" to "Stöver Group". After that he fully moved his activities into exportation of agricultural products to Europe and overseas, and has been supported since then by his sons Jens and Thorsten and his daughter Ulrike.

We congratulate Mr. Arthur Meyer to 50 years of successful work and thank all our customers and clients for their long-lasting trustful co-operation.

SAB Syker Agrarberatungs- und Handels GmbH - Hauptstr. 61 - D-28857 Syke/Germany
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