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SAB- a family company- was founded in 1974. SAB has specialised in exporting livestock, particularly the famous Holstein, Simmenthal and Brown Swiss cattle. Based on a world-wide demand for increasing dairy production together with a family continuity, SAB could expand their activity world-wide.

SAB contributes a major share to the total export of livestock from Germany over the past years, and you will find that the breeding stock of almost every dairy production centre in the world features German Holstein Breeding Heifers, largely supplied by SAB.

We do not only supply high quality dairy cattle for your farm but also pedigree breeding bulls, semen from progeny tested bulls and promising young bulls and embryos of high genetic quality.


Our know-how is completely at your disposal. We can supply all related services in the field of breeding together with technical assistance including training, and the transfer of technology. We can also provide you with all kind of assistance and farm management.



In consultation with the client SAB`s export organisation suggests the most favourable specification of the animals. Our team of experts selects the best animals out of the total cattle population in order to meet the required specification. To comply with the complicated formalities, our staff handles the necessary documents in accordance with the very strict health regulations in Germany and in the country of destination, as well as the transport documents and insurance certificates.

Based on our long, world-wide experience we know the most suitable way of transport to the final destination. Airplane, vessel, train or truck, our export organization is the guarantee for smooth execution.



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